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Sure you could just open your EPG on your TV, or open the paper… but OzTV is cool… it’s on your iPad and its your full free view TV guide available to you 24/7. But how is this better than Googling the TV guide? Well OzTV has one very cool feature, in fact it’s the one cool feature that’ll rock your world.

When you find a show you like, not only you have the option to highlight all future shows, but you can also make the app give you a reminder. Not just a pop up notification, but it adds a full calendar entry to your Calendar app, including reminder times, title and notes about the show you can check if you’ve already seen that episode without even having to turn the TV on.

OzTV looks gorgeous the new iPad despite it essentially being a text only application its very useful, and I’ve moved it to my home page over the last week as I find myself using it more and more.

VERDICT: Well worth the couple of bucks.

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  1. Mimi

    April 8, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    This my favourite app… :)

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