Amplifiear: Better sound for the new iPad and iPad 2


The Amplifiear is the latest Kickstarter project that I’ve fallen in love with. We all know how quiet the iPad speaker can be when using at a distance. With the Amplifiear, this changes. The Amplifiear is a sound amplification device for the new iPad and iPad 2. It uses no batteries or electricity. It is portable and hassle free. It just works.

With the launch of the new iPad, everything seems to have been rethought except the speaker.   The built in speaker faces to the back and gives off a low volume sound.  Because of this, we end up setting the volume to max. just to hear it. This leads to lower fidelity sound and distortion.

There are other options; we can use headphones, but they are isolating and only work for personal use.  We can plug our iPad into our sound system with the headphone jack, but this defies the best part of the iPad, its mobility.  Bluetooth speakers drain our battery faster, and even if our sound system is portable, we still have a second device that we need to recharge.

Why would we deal with any of these hassles if there were a product that could clip right onto our iPad and simply amplify and clarify the sound that is already coming out of our iPad, using the simple geometry of an old gramophone. The Amplifiear does just this.

The Amplifiear simply clips onto the corner of the iPad and reflects and amplifies the sound coming from the speaker back at the user. With the Amplifiear, the higher frequencies, receive a considerable boost. This will allow us to hear the crispness of a snare drum on our favorite track. This type of sound is often mottled or even completely lost as the sound from the speaker points away from you.

With the Amplifiear, the sound coming right from your iPad now fills a room and sounds crisper and cleaner than ever..… and you won’t need to have the volume up at maximum. Sounds to good to be true, but it really works. The Amplifiear uses old tried and trued low tech geometry to enhance one of the most advance product to date.

The Amplifiear is made of ABS plastic so it is light and virtually indestructible….. and recyclable. Simply stick it in your bag or even your back pocket and you can take it anywhere.
The Amplifiear is coming out very soon with pledges starting from just $15, and currently taking pre-orders on Kickstarter.

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