Best Power Supply For AMD (All Versions)

Best Power Supply For AMD (All Versions)

Here We Mention Top 10 Best Power Supply For AMD with specification uses and complete guide.

AMD is a generational upgrade that makes it valuable to shout out. It comes in at a lower price than the Intel Core i7 9700K, the best-in-class gaming processor from Intel. And it even includes the Wraith Prism cooler, but its 650W rating may not be enough for the AMD power supply?

It’s very advisable to purchase a respectable 600-650W power supply (from brands like EVGA, Seasonic, and BeQuiet). At a minimum, it should earn at least an 80% rating to run AMD Ryzen 7 3700X and 3060 Ti at stock.

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The AMD Ryzen 3800X may not be the most powerful processor available on the market, but it will definitely require a power supply with a capacity of at least 500W for a single graphics card build. We recommend that you have at least 500W in your power supply so you do not skimp on your graphics card and thus lower your overall performance.

And, do I really need a good GPU of R 9 3700x? So, 500W ought to be enough for AMD Ryzen 7 4370X? You previously asked, “Would a GTX 1060 with a power of about 125W be enough for a system with an AMD Ryzen 450X?” It will not be difficult to find a system that requires a power supply of 500W or less if it has a system of the aforementioned type. Furthermore, total system power consumption should be under 300W. I will have it done. I should know if 500 watts would be enough for my AMD Ryzen 3700X. To answer your questions, 500w would be sufficient with a 3700x GTX 1060.

The GTX1060 is a rather low-powered video card, needing approximately 125w or so. All components of the system should consume less than 300 watts. I just will do it. You’re looking for the most effective AMD power supply? If that’s the case, you can find an ideal solution on this website. The ry zen 7 3700x Intel processor is a common model you’ll find in many different settings.

It helps individuals accomplish a huge range of tasks, such as gaming, exploring, streaming, and many other processes. This processor is highly trusted for its credibility and there is no denying that it’s among the very best processors available. In addition to having a fantastic processor, there are a number of things that can quickly enhance your computer setup. Some of these things include buying a PlayStation 4 and a suitable power supply for your processor.

At a Glance:

You have already read about the best PlayStation 4 for AMD Ryzen 7 3700X on our blog which readers found extremely helpful. When it comes to the processor, we have previously published a summary of the appropriate power supply for it. You can also check out that article and know about the best GPU for AMD. OK. So we now shan’t waste any more time and will go straight to the main point, the best power supply for ry zen 7 3700x.

And that is precisely exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article. Let me give you a rundown of what I’ll be talking about in this article. In this example, I will briefly go over the power supplies that are recommended for ry zen 7 3700x. The power supplies that we have highlighted in this article are tailored toward a particular price point, and so will range anywhere from expensive to budget-friendly. No matter what your price range is, you can find something to suit your needs.

Like all of the answers in this listing, please take some time to peruse some additional Q&A references that are included at the bottom of the page. We hope that they will come in handy for you and will assist you in making great decisions. We’re now ready to move on to the next point.

Best Power Supply For AMD

DesignPower SupplyRetailer
Best PickSeasonic PRIME 750W - Best Power Supply For AMD
Check Price
Staff PickEVGA SuperNOVA P2 650
Check Price
Budget PickCORSAIR RMX RM750x Power Supply
Check Price
Bitfenix Whisper 550W
Check Price
EVGA 500 W1 500W Power Supply
Check Price
SilverStone SST-SX650-G: Best PSU For Ryzen 7 5800X
Check Price
Seasonic PRIME PX-1000 Power Supply:
Check Price
Corsair RM750X 750W Gold Fully Modular Power Supply – Recommended PSU for RTX 3070 Ti
Check Price
Phanteks AMP 550W
Check Price
Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W
Check Price

Seasonic PRIME 750W – Best Power Supply For AMD

Best Pick

Corsair, as well as other PSU manufacturers such as CoolerMaster or EVGA, have become household names for a lot of individuals. Most people, however, do not realize that Corsair and all these companies are dependent on third parties to build their products. The Seasonal brand is one of several options utilized as a third-party manufacturer, making them one of the biggest electricity suppliers on the market.

This power supply unit works best with the latest generation of AMD Ryzen processing chips, which comes out in 2022. The Seasonic PRIME series offers strong expertise and remarkable performance, it’s clear throughout. The 750W unit shows the advantage of Seasonic’s experience in the full lineup. There is no reason to voice an unfavorable remark about this present PSU. It comes with an 80 percent Titanium efficiency rating, and a 12-year manufacturer’s warranty, and is among the best PSUs for AMD Ryzen 5 3600.

This particular power supply is a perfect match for AMD Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X in 2022. It is noiseless and requires premium performance. Seasonic’s proven expertise shows up the clearest with the PRIME line of power supplies, but it was in fact a leading performer in the 750W setting. There will not be any negative remarks about this PSU. It has a high Best PSU Appropriate for AMD Ryzen 5 3600 criteria, an 80 Titanium indicated efficiency, and 12 years of warranty protection. This is one of the best PSUs for AMD Ryzen 5 3600.


  • It has excellent ripple control, a long warranty, and plenty of accessories
  • High efficiency
  • Heat resistance
  • You can go on and on with the voltage regulation, build quality, ripple immunity,


  • Price,
  • Lower inrush current
  • Closer peripheral connectors

EVGA SuperNOVA P2 650

Staff Pick

EVGA has a diverse PSU portfolio, consisting of a number of customers who have T2, P2, G2, B2, PS, GS, G1, GQ, B1, N1, and W1 USB power packs. The T2, P2, G2, and B2 lines are made by Super Flower; the PS and GS by Seasonic; the G1, and GQ by FSP; and the lower-end B1, W1, and N1 by HEC. EVGA works with a diverse range of different companies to design a line of products that can address specific market demands without being bulky or complex.

Examples include Super Flower and Seasonic, which consistently produce expensive products. With some particular limitations, HEC’s mainstream platforms exactly deliver for what they’re worth for the cost. As for its mid-range APPs, EVGA chose to select FSP. The P2 line is the second product of Greenough Design Labs’ portfolio in order of quality, after its flagship product, the T2. A PSU line spans 26 Vandal-resistant Power Supplies that vary in capability, from 650 to 1600 W.

The PSUs function in the middle- and high-capacity segments. All of the P2 builds to meet the requirements for Platinum tier status, feature a completely modular cabling setup, and support semi-passive operation, with the PSU fan able to operate constantly or otherwise up to you. SuperFlower’s Leadex Platinum platform is among the highest-rated solar chargers available; it is currently ranked second on behind the Titanium Leadex. We’re taking a close look at SuperNOVA P2, the smallest PSU of the P2 series, which supplies 650W of power.

EVGA plans to develop a rapid launch of numerous products that can meet the demands of a wide assortment of customers without being awkward or burdensome. Some examples are Superflower and Seasonic, which have championed many years of experience in building high-end products.P2 is the second item in the Greenough Design Labs portfolio, with the flagship product T2, according to the quality of each product. A PSU line covers 26 Monitored Power Supplies, which vary in capacity from 650 to 1600 watts. PSUs generally occupy the center of the classic range and high-capacity segment.


  • Efficient Japanese Capacitors
  • 135mm fan included
  • Modular Cable System
  • Fan with speed control


  • Insufficient cable length
  • The Eco Mode is not recommended for games

CORSAIR RMX RM750x Power Supply

Budget Pick

Moving on, we have the Corsair RMX RM750x Power Supply in the top-ranked power supply for Ryzen 9 3700X on our list. It’s another quality and reliable power supply that you can get for just under 160 bucks. As implied by the brand name, this power supply is of great quality and manufactured by Corsair. It’s compatible with many productions and operates using 750 watts.

Like the previous power supply we outlined in this list, this one too has a Full Modular design. Among other things, this electrical power source has dimensions seven by 3.38 by 5.9 inches and weighs about 4.3 pounds. The CORSAIR RMX RM750x Power Supply is 80 PLUS Gold certified, which means it’s capable of performing at the highest possible efficiency while being quiet. It’s also able to perform well even though it generates minimal heat.

As far as the noise is concerned, this power supply becomes almost silent at low and medium loads. However, at high loads, it makes little to no noise which is difficult to hear. As far as the noise the acoustics are concerned, traction on this power supply reaches a silent state at low and medium loads and remains almost silent at high loads. At most, the noise is quite challenging to feel. The overall performance of its build quality coupled with its read and write speeds makes it a good processor for processors like RYZEN 7 3700.

The Corsair RMX RM750x Power Supply’s 80 PLUS Gold certificate assures that you’re receiving a power supply that’s capable of operating at maximum capacity while staying as quiet as possible. In addition, it creates minimal heat even at low power levels. Although this power supply produces some noise, you’ll observe very little at low and moderate loads.

However, at the minimum and medium loads, the traction on the power supply is relatively silent and makes virtually no noise at high loads. As far as the amount of sound the acoustics are concerned, electricity at this supply reaches a silent state at low and medium loads and is nearly silent at high loads. The stability and read/write speeds are purchased together to make it a resilient processor for handling processors like Ryzen 7 3700, for instance.


  • Full power at 47 degrees Celsius
  • High overall performance
  • Silent at low and mid loads
  • Fully compliant with ATX v2.52
  • Highly efficient at light loads
  • Long hold-up time
  • Low inrush current
  • Magnetic Levitation fan
  • Two EPS and four PCIe connectors
  • Fully modular
  • 10-year warranty


  • High OCP triggering points on the minor rails
  • A small overall efficiency boost would be nice
  • The fan speed profile could be even more relaxed
  • In cable capacitors
  • Small distance between peripheral connectors

Bitfenix Whisper 550W

Our base graphic card pair for a top-of-the-range AMD Ryzen 3600 processor would be the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 1660Ti, AMD Radeon RX 5700, and Radeon HD 7770. Stream quality up to 1080p will be great with 60 frames per second in even the latest AAA titles, and 144 frame rates for competitive titles.

We’re recommending this Compatible ATX 550 W Power Supply For Ryzen 5 3600 at this particular level to you for just a power supply. Some workstations are capable of overclocking their GPU or CPU (or both! ), which means you can squeeze out a ton of additional performance from your PC. The 550W power supply may satisfy your requirements without overclocking, but the 450W and the 550W power supplies have nearly equal levels of energy, so the 550W power supply is the better choice. Among the most popular options in this category is the Whisper Series 550W by the Bitfenix brand, which is known for its well-reviewed and highly regarded performance see to it that this is a great choice.

The BWG550M features high-quality components, such as Japanese polymer capacitors, which provide improved efficiency compared to everyday capacitors. For simplified cable management, it features fully modular cabling. When run minimized, this power supply helps to reduce ripple distortion. The power supply for I can only recommend this computer the green light on the Power Rating label indicates that it’s energy-efficient and 80 Gold acquainted with the ATX cable. But, this isn’t a flaw in the product as customers almost never comment on this issue.


  • Excellent efficiency,
  • Particularly at low loads, 
  • An excellent performance


  • None

EVGA 500 W1 500W Power Supply

The EVGA 500W 80 PLUS is a wonderful option for anyone looking to save money when building on a budget. Jeeping with a single 12V rail offers you the freedom to decide on your electrical appliances without lowering the components you require.

Keep things neat with the 500W’s compact size, well-placed power switch, and fully sleeved cables. The 500W makes it easy and simple to transport enough power for a complete system build. With a 3-year warranty and a quiet, effective design, the 500W will be an excellent help for your next building of building on a budget.

The EVGA 500W 80 PLUS is a lower-priced option when building on a budget. Supporting 40 amps on a single 12-volt line gives you more flexibility and lets you avoid unnecessary expenses. The 500W’s compact profile and convenient power switch make it easy to save space on your shelf. The fully sleeved cables also provide ease of use.

The 500W provides the essential connections and protections required for making a basic computer system. With a 3-year warranty and exceptionally quiet functions, this fan-based power supply will be highly beneficial for your next build on a tight budget.


  • A balance between efficiency and cost
  • Efficient and silent fan included
  • Adequate cable sheathing
  • Compatibility with 40A on a + 12V rail


  • The design can be uncomfortable
  • Not recommended for long periods of low temperatures

SilverStone SST-SX650-G: Best PSU For Ryzen 7 5800X

The second PSU we will have is the Silverstone SST-SX650-G. It is the same size and has equivalent features as the Corsair SF600, but it can reach up to 650 watts. You can use this for a Ryzen 7 5800x and a Radeon 3070 or an RX 3080 and 6800XT. It has a simplistic design, so you can get a power plug and an ignition switch on one side and vent holes on the other.

With characteristics identical to the SF600, the SF650 offers 92mm fluid dynamic bearing fans, Japanese capacitors, and black-colored flat cables. The modular panel is made up of two rows. The upper row has EPS and PCIe connectors, while the lower one has ATX and IDE SATA connectors. You get one 24-pin ATX connector, four 4-pin EPS12V connectors, four PCIe connectors, and six SATA connectors.

Since SF600 and SST-SX650-G both sell for around the same price, you may want to choose the latter due to its greater number of PCIe connectors and 50W greater wattage. Additionally, The Sono Wi-Fi 6 lacks some of the advantageous features of the Sono Wi-Fi 3. One of them is its 3-year warranty, whereas Sono Wi-Fi 3 has 7. This SFX PSU’s overall performance is quite good for an SFX console, but it’s still not as good as the SF600 model. So overall, it depends on which features you can or cannot live without. If a better warranty is your main priority, then SF600 would be a better purchase. But if you want more watts and more PCIe connectors, you could choose SST-SX650-G to pursue.

Regarding the SST-SX650-G, the negatives are the 3-year warranty, which is exceptionally short compared to the SF600’s 7-year warranty. The performance of SX650-G is decent for an SFX power supply but not as good as SF600.So overall, it depends on which extra features you (can or can t) live without. If a better warranty is your main priority, then SF600 would be a better option. But if you prefer more power and more PCIe connectors, you can choose SST-SX650-G.


  • 80 PLUS Gold efficiency helps reduce waste heat
  • Quiet under light and moderate loads
  • Fully modular
  • 4x PCIe connectors
  • FDB fan


  • High price
  • Low efficiency under very light loads
  • Sky-high OPP and OCP on the 3.3V and 5V rails
  • Over-temperature protection doesn’t appear functional
  • The fan profile could be tuned better
  • 85°C bulk cap

Seasonic PRIME PX-1000 Power Supply:

The Seasonic Prime PLUS 1,000-watt DC Power Supply is listed among the top supplies for ryzen 7 3700x. It’s an outstanding high-quality power supply that you will acquire for about 270 dollars. This has been specially formulated for endeavors and high-end performance benchmarks. Its 1000 Watts power provide has a very good developed good quality, especially according to its appearance. Literally, the power supply’s measurements and pounds are 6.7 x 6 x 3.4 in and 6.61 lb, respectively. The Seasonic PRIME PX-1000 is capable of roughly charging its batteries between 30% and 50%, and it can additionally charge from solar panels up to 90% of the capacity.

The platinum used in this power supply is highly effective at providing energy. This power supply contains two Fan Controls modes: one is S3FC (Fan Control without the Fanless Mode), and the other is S2FC (Fan Control with the Fanless Mode). The S3FC mode in this power supply yields remarkable performance, generates little noise, and is rather enjoyable. It’s a very reliable power supply, and if you’re wanting a decent-quality power supply, then we are enthusiastically recommending you check it out.

The Seasonic PRIME PX-1000 charger can recharge its batteries both during daytime and nighttime, and it can accurately charge from solar panels that use up to 90 percent of its energy capacity. The platinum used in this device is extremely efficient at providing the charger with electricity. This power supply has two different Fan Controls modes. One is S3FC or Fan Control without the Fanless Mode, and the other is S2FC or Fan Control with the Fanless Mode. The Bash on a single S3FC frequency band results in good sound generates little noise and is lots of fun. Their power supply is of first-class caliber, and if you are looking for a really dependable power supply, then we highly recommend you look into what they are offering.


  • Efficient
  • Ripple suppression
  • Load regulation
  • Hold-up time
  • Accurate Power Ok signal
  • Transient response
  • Silent (for a 1kW PSU)
  • Build quality
  • EMI
  • Fully modular
  • 2x EPS & 8x PCIe connectors
  • 2x SATA connectors supporting SATA 3.3 spec HDDs
  • FDB Fan
  • Selectable semi-passive mode
  • Warranty
  • Looks


  • Distance between peripheral connectors
  • OCP at 5VSB

The Corsair RM750X Gold Series modular power supply gives you exceedingly precise voltage regulation, virtually silent operation, and a 100-foot fully modular cable set. Built from the finest Japanese 105C capacitors, it is guaranteed to bring 750W of power continuously. The RM750X opens a doorway to efficient, quiet, and reliable power for your PC.

With an 80 for excellence in efficiency, the RM750 can provide up to 85 of effective power with an output that remains constant even as demand varies. The Corsair Link system gives you real-time monitoring and control of your graphics card via USB so you can access it through Windows or Mac desktop applications or mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. And its total-capacitor design helps absorb extra current even in the event of unusually high demand for power.

Your components get everything that they need in the shortest time possible thanks to the Corsair RM750X power supply’s modular circuitry. The power supply is 80 Plus Gold-certified, so you will not observe any excess heat, lower noise, or lower energy bills. It is also backed by a 5-year warranty, so you can trust that this beneficial product will serve your needs well for many years to come. The CORSAIR RM750X is the most efficient 750 W PSU, with 88 (115V)  90 (220v 240v) efficiency.

Packed with superb features, the award-winning RM Series has been completely designed with the end-user in mind to maximize a PC s power and get the most from their investment. The Corsair RM750X is a fully modular DC-to-DC 80 PLUS Gold-rated power supply that has been designed with low consumption in mind. The fan’s impact on airflow has been decreased by using a custom fan blade for a more quiet operation than earlier versions.

Japanese capacitors ensure that the CPU runs smoothly, and the Zero RPM mode ensures that the fan does not spin up without causing a disturbance. Its Overvoltage and Undervoltage protection system helps ensure that your components are safe. The all-in-one Corsair RM750x power supply features safety modes that incorporate a zero-RPM fan mode and 105°C Japanese capacitors for maximum structural integrity, reliability, and performance. The fan also further minimizes noise, even when it’s under heavy loads. The fan offers 100-speed settings, which allow for ultimate sound control as you appreciate your PC’s sound output levels.

In the Corsair RM750X Gold Series, you’re supplied with the Corsair Modular Power Supply 300W supply gives you precise voltage precision, a quiet operation, and a 100-foot modular cable. Made with premium Japanese 105C capacitors, it guarantees a continuous output of 750W of energy. The Corsair Link system has the ability to capture real-time statistics and control your graphics card via USB so you can access it through Windows or Mac desktop applications or mobile apps for iOS or Android devices. And its USB attachment offers significantly higher current yields compared to other video cards.

Your peripherals get what they need as quickly as possible because of the Corsair RM750X power supply’s modular circuitry. The power supply is 80 Plus Gold-certified, which exempts it from creating excess heat, lower noise, or lower energy consumption. It comes with a 5-year guarantee, so you can have peace of mind knowing you’re making the right decision with this valuable item.


  • Excellent Build Quality, Rock Solid Rail Stability, Fully Modular, Flat Modular Cables, 80 Plus Gold Certified, Electrical Protections, Zero RPM Feature, Peak Output (925W), 10 Year Warranty, Price (For Some)
  • Outstanding voltage regulation, amazing ripple suppression, fully modular, lots of included goodies, nice warranty.
  • Full power at 49 °C, Efficient, Silent, Low ripple, Load regulation on the minor railsQuality caps, Holdup time, Fully modular, Warranty.
  • Made with quality components, Quiet fan with Zero RPM mode, Good overall performance, 7-year warranty, Fully modular.


  • CWT’s infamous solder bug strikes again… this time confined only to the VRM board, thankfully.
  • The small price difference with the RM750i, Single EPS connector, No fan test button, Distance between 4pin Molex connectors.
  • Does not support Corsair link

Phanteks AMP 550W

The Phanteks Amps model with 550-Watt power achieves high operational performance, and it is exceptionally silent, thanks to its more efficient performance than Seasonic Focus Plus. Its non-aggressive fan profile, on the other hand, tends to make it far more stirring than normal. Focus Plus Gold is at the center of the new Focus Plus Gold platform, so in addition to higher performance, its security functions are also improved.

Corsair’s RM550x, EVGA’s 550 G3, and the similarly rated Seasonic Focus Plus Gold (GX-550), the Corsair products are not currently manufactured, but the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold (GX-550) will likely be on the market in a little while, and it also shares the same resemblance. Phanteks’s partnership with Seasonic resulted in the Amp series, which includes three models, each with an electrical power ranging between 550 watts and 750 watts. From the base of the latest Focus Plus Gold version of Seasonic’s platform, we expect good performance and high reliability, even under trying conditions.

Phanteks worked with Seasonic again on the next miniseries in the new Amp series, which consists of three models, with power capacities that range from 550 watts to 750 watts. They all use the newest version of Seasonic’s Focus Plus Gold platform, which we hope will offer reliable and strong performance, even during peak weather conditions.


  • Full power at 47 degrees Celsius
  • High build quality
  • Satisfactory performance
  • Dead silent
  • Fully modular (with 2x EPS connectors)
  • Compact dimensions


  • Low 5VSB efficiency
  • Transient response at 3.3V
  • The small distance between the 4-pin Molex connectors

Thermaltake Toughpower GF1 750W

Since it has Japanese capacitors, in addition to other features that make it possible for you to connect your computer to your motherboard, and allows you to walk up to buttons and control the RGB, without needing to go to a software window, this power supply is the one for you. We think this RGB PSU is the best for the Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X, so we suggest it for fans. With this Best RGB PSU For Ryzen 5 3600 and 3600X, you can toggle on your fan between smart and regular modes.

In that case, the fan will only turn on once it reaches 40 percent of its capacity. The advantage of this Power supply is that it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is really great; it also includes a heat-seeking RGB fan that does a great job. Consequently, this is a truly ideal option for your Ryzen 5 3600 even if you’re doing overclocking with it, you won’t have any difficulties. An interesting fact is that this is also fully modular, and you can select among the various available species as a Gold or Platinum model. If you make a daring choice and opt for a Platinum model, you’ll spend quite a lot of money. Gold, the most vulnerable category of RGB, is significantly more costly than the competition

Since these PSUs have recently acquired an upgrade to the color range characteristic, it’s probable that they have resolved some of the previous issues linked to the color quality previously existing. The PSU is noisier than usual. Thermaltake’s PSUs are quieter than most for the money. They include a variety of preset effects, making them a standout alternative. Generally speaking, I’d say it’s a powerful power supply with two unique features. Only Thermaltake produces strong RGB power supplies, and for now, it’s the only company that manufactures them.


  • Quiet operation
  • Fully modular
  • High overall performance


  • There is no MOV in the transient filter

Last Words on Best Power Supply For AMD

We Mention everything here to guide you for Best Power Supply For AMD. if you have any query drop a comment.

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